What is Epigenetics?

You can’t change the genes you received from your parents, but with an epigenetic science, we can keep your destructive genes turned off, and your great genes turned on!

How will epigenetic testing help me? 

With a simple mouth swab, you can discover precisely what you need to do to solve your specific health problems and live a longer life.

How is Epigenetics testing different than 23andMe?

This epigenetic test was carefully engineered to identify the gene defects that we have treatments to improve and impact. (Due to confidentiality laws 23andMe can only identify only a few major diseases and not offer treatment plans.

Additionally, your epigenetic report will never be shared publicly. 

Finally, this test has a specific treatment plan that can help you solve problems you have and prevent those you don’t.

What is included in the report? 

  • A personalized report of whether your specific genes have (-/-) no clinical abnormality, (+/-) abnormality from one parent or (+/+) abnormality from both parents. Click here to view a sample report.
  • Recommended nutritional therapeutics, lifestyle/diet recommendations, and possible additional labs. View sample report.
  • Definition of all the genes tested and what it means. (View sample report.)

How much does it cost?

Each test (click here for available tests) includes a group of 10-55 different genes that are helpful to pinpoint help to resolve your health problem. Or is you want to know you or your child’s complete genetic report, choose the “55 SNP Report.”

The costs are slightly different for each test, depending on the type and number of genes tested. (View panel prices.) 

What does nutrigenomics mean?

This test reveals what your gene problems are and matches it with natural therapeutic solutions (nutrigenomic supplements). With this report, you know what to do to heal, feel better, and possibly not pass your problem genes on to future generations.

Want a more scientific explanation? 

Click here to view additional information.

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